model name Green Laser Disco Presentation Pointer Pen with Adjustable Cap (Single Beam + Multiple Beam) with Battery.

laser color Green
Class 3
wavelength 532 nm
Battery Type 3 2X1.5 Volt (AAA) Size Batteries
Colour Green

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Gives Green Laser Light Disco Light Pointer Pen Green Laser Light Pointer Pen is a top-notch laser pointer joins the most recent innovation in green laser optics and microelectronics. Use your laser pointer to point at any ideal targets, projection screens or video screens. Helpful for introductions, gallery and local escorts, pointing the stars and costruction investigation. 5mW Green handheld laser is the most brilliant. 5mW green laser pointer you can purchase. More power implies a more brilliant, more clear bar to stand out enough to be noticed exactly where you need it. You get a similar dazzling pillar from the subsequent you turn it on to the last second of battery power. As a class 3A laser it’s completely ok for introductions and star looking. Have a good time at the following party with this disco pointer pen bar


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