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12-18 Months Bead Maze Baby Musical Lights Toys

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The manufacturer recommended ages ?12 months and up
Number of Game Players ?1
Batteries Required? Yes
Material Type(s) ?ABS, Wood, Plastic
Color ?Blue


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Bead Maze Baby Musical Lights Toys

Crawling Toy for Toddlers: Press the yellow button on the left to enter the mobile mode. The will move on its own like a sweeper, accompanied by music and lights to attract the child’s attention, and let the child crawl and chase it. Help toddlers exercise their muscles and balance control training, which is conducive to children’s learning to walk. The toddler’s toys can automatically change direction when bumped into an obstacle. Music Mode: Musical toys will play music songs (volume is adjustable), There are three types of music, song, and baby laugh. Use the yellow button on the right to select the music type, and press the piano key to select the music. When the music is playing, the piano key buttons will randomly have soft lighting. When you swipe the top button to the right, The will emit special sound effects. Performance Mode: Reach this mode by pressing the yellow button on the right. There is 7 piano key on one side of the toy When these buttons are pressed, the sound corresponding to the note will be emitted. Help children familiarize themselves with notes and play simple piano music. Let the child become a little musician. Bead Maze: The sensory toy has 2 smooth irregular tracks and 1 semicircular track, 15 multi-shape beads, The Bead Maze baby toy has been designed to help children 12 months and above develop sensory skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and round out the hands-on experience. It also has UFO theme stickers, letting children decorate the appearance of toys by themselves. Safe Material: Use non-toxic ABS sturdy material to ensure product safety, durability, and drop resistance. Smooth rounded edges and burr-free, easy to clean. The beads on the track will not fall, so Therefore, there will be no choking caused by the baby eating by mistake. It will automatically shut down when idle to save power. 3 AA batteries are required

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