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Introducing Water and Dry Home Appliances Colouring Set, where learning meets creativity! Simply choose a card, use the special water pen to reveal vibrant colors magically. Let it dry and repeat the fun! With 24 reusable cards and a chunky refillable water pen, this set promotes fine motor skills, writing, and imagination. No mess, no need for crayons or paints

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Introducing Water and Dry Home Appliances, the perfect blend of fun and learning! Dive into a world of creativity where you can color with water, watch vibrant hues magically appear, then let it dry to start all over again. This set includes 24 reusable water-revealing cards and a chunky refillable water pen, designed for easy filling and handling. Not only does it encourage fine motor skills and writing abilities, but it also sparks imaginative play. Say goodbye to messy painting?our unique refillable water pen means no need for crayons, sketch pens, or paints. Ideal for ages 2 and up, promoting safe, non-toxic play and enriching ABC preschool education. Discover the joy of learning through play today!


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